Signs You Need A House Roof Repair
Signs your roof may have issues that you need to address.

Signs You Need a House Roof Repair – A blog article by Menzel Roofing Services LLC – thanks for taking a moment to read this article on the signs your roof may have issues that you need to address. Your home’s roof protects your family and your belongings, so it’s imperative to look out for signs of damage. Rain, snow, wind, UV rays, animals, and debris are notorious for causing issues to roofs. So, if you notice any of the following issues, contact an expert roofing contractor for a house roof repair. Here are some important things to look out for when wondering if your roof needs to be repaired or potentially replaced.

Signs You Need a House Roof Repair – A blog article by Menzel Roofing Services LLC

Your Ceiling Is Sagging or Has Stains – Signs You Need a House Roof Repair

The first sign it may be time for a house roof repair is if your ceiling is sagging or has stains. This can turn into a dangerous situation if a professional roofer isn’t summoned as soon as possible. Sagging roofs are often the result of water damage, flawed construction, or the use of improper roofing materials. If you have an older roof that’s sagging, you’ll need a house roof repair immediately.

Stains on your ceiling are another sign it’s time to call in an expert. When you see brown spots, or patches, on your ceiling and interior walls, they are water stains caused by a leak above. Some common causes of water stains on ceilings include plumbing leaks, HVAC leaks, and roofing problems (such as roof flashing failure and damaged waterproofing membrane). Whatever the reason, address it as soon as possible to prevent severe damage. Plus this discoloration can mean there is mold growth or another issue going on that you can’t see. To avoid further damage, it’s best to obtain a house roof repair from qualified roofing professionals at Menzel Roofing Services today.

Holes and Cracks – Signs You Need a House Roof Repair

Air leaking out of holes and cracks is about one-third of what a typical family spends on their annual heating and cooling bills. These holes and cracks can be in your roof, causing your family to spend much more on electricity bills than they need to. It’s best to hire a professional to inspect your roof and fix the holes and cracks in your roof. You don’t want them to grow and cause further damage.

Did you know that a roof puncture creates a hole in roofing material through a combination of weight and sharp pressure that punches through the roof in one small area? It is true. Roof punctures can happen at any time, but a roof is most at risk when the underlayment is exposed. This one is easy to spot. Since shingles are the exterior layer of a roof, you should be able to identify missing shingles by seeing different-colored patches on your roof. Alternatively, you may find the shingles themselves littering your yard after a heavy storm.

Signs You Need a House Roof Repair - Roof Damage from a tree

Wear and Tear – Signs You Need a House Roof Repair

If you live in a region with heavy winds, then rain and debris may cause wear and tear to your roof’s underlay and sarking. These two elements are responsible for moisture protection, insulation, and noise reduction, which are all important for your belongings and your family’s well-being. Wear and tear is generally considered to be gradual damage that happens to a home over time, as the years and the elements take their toll. Common instances of wear and tear include roof leaks, shingle deterioration, or tiles cracking from age, among others.

Roof Leaks – Roof Repair by Menzel Roofing Services

Roof leaks are another sign it’s time for a house roof repair. Be sure to look for stains and watermarks that indicate a leak is forming and/or growing. Whenever you notice a leak, call in a professional to inspect and fix your roof. Did you know that your homeowners’ insurance policy generally covers roof leaks and other damage to your roof, as long as the cause of the damage is not specifically excluded in your policy? That is generally the case however, if a leak occurs due to a lack of maintenance, you may have to pay for the repairs yourself.

When you notice your ceiling is sagging or has stains, has holes and cracks, has excessive wear and tear, or is leaking, it’s time to obtain the services of a roofing company Seminole County Florida homeowners trust. These signs can cause further damage that will cost more down the line, so it’s best to fix them as soon as possible. If you’re looking for a dependable roofer, give our team at Menzel Roofing Services LLC a call today.

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